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The 4 best guided tours in Cordoba

If you come to Cordoba for tourism or if you are visiting the city for work, there are places that you need to visit for their historical, cultural and architectural value. In Amedina we have prepared 4 unique experiences that will make you know in essence the great historical and heritage value of Cordoba, visiting its most important monuments, such as the Mosque-Cathedral and Medina Azahara, and visiting some of the most emblematic places of the Jewish Quarter and the old town such as the Patios of Cordoba, “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, according to UNESCO, the Calle de las Flores, the Roman Bridge, or la Calleja del Pañuelo (Handkerchief Alley), etc.

Book now the four best tours of historic Cordoba.

ampliación de Almanzor

Guided tour of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Duration: approx. 1.30h
From 10€/person

Los patios de Córdoba

The courtyards of Cordoba Guided tour Patios of Cordoba

Duration: approx. 2h
From 15€/person

Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara Guided tour of Medina Azahara

Duration: approx. 2.30h
From 10€/person

Mezquita de Córdoba

Guided tour of the Jewish Quarter in Cordoba and Mosque

Duration: approx. 2.50h
From 20€/person

Vista de la judería de Córdoba

Guided tour of the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba

Duration: 1.15 h
From 5€/person

Jardines del Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos de Córdoba

Gardens of the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs of Cordoba

Duration: approx. 2.30h
From 10€/person

Advantages of hiring our tourist routes in Cordoba

At Amedina we take advantage of important resources to offer a wide variety of tourist and cultural products of the highest quality and rigour in the form of guided tours, exploring the main monuments and sites of cultural interest in the city of the Umayyads.

Our tour guides prepare and organise visits with total professionalism. All of them are accredited professionals and do a great explanatory work in which visitors can ask questions on the go to know all the details and curiosities they have about the monument or place they are visiting.

Qualified and certified tour guides

Our qualified staff is highly experienced, university trained.

The best

You will visit the best monuments and places of historical interest.

The 4 best tourist routes

On our guided tours you will learn about the history of Cordoba and its culture.

Get a digital cultural guide

Take away a guide with articles on the main monuments of Cordoba.

Private visits

If you want to get to know the Caliphate city in a special and personalised way, our team has created unique experiences tailor-made for you. We have designed special tours for individuals or private groups in which we put a guide exclusively at your disposal who will take you to the most amazing places of ancient Cordoba.

Visita privada por Córdoba

Some images of our Heritage tours in Cordoba

Here are some of the photographs we have taken during our guided tours of the monuments of Cordoba.

We solve your doubts

If you have questions, we have answers. We answer your questions about our guided tours.

The magic of Cordoba lies in the legacy of the different cultures that have inhabited this city. Each of them has had its moment of splendour, and its more difficult times, leaving a legacy that often lives on and remains to this day. It is important to know where we come from in order to know where we are going, and the city of Cordoba is perfect for recognising and understanding the roots of the West.

Founded on a great Roman period in which Cordoba becamen an important city, its history, its location and its people made it the “light of the West” during the Middle Ages. The coexistence of Christians, Muslims and Jews gives Cordoba a mixture of influences that are evident in every street, monument or tradition, sometimes in an obvious way, although sometimes, the essentials go unnoticed.

In Cordoba every traveller can discover a different city, as it is possible to discover great public buildings that recall the splendour of that capital of the province of Betica, or to travel to the ancient Caliphate capital of Medina Azahara, to lose oneself in a Jewish quarter with a clearly Muslim layout or to discover the rosetta stone of the art and history of the Mediterranean. The great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is the main character of a beautiful story that deserves to be told. Would you like to know it?

Cordoba’s extensive appeal means that you have to make the most of your time here. Visitors often find they have to come back because they haven’t had time to see everything.

To optimise your experience, guided tours are the best option, and we make it as easy as possible to book them. You can do it on our website www.amedinacó or directly by phone, +34 605 753 000, where we will be happy to assist you personally.

You can contact us by email or by telephone. You can also fill in this form. We will be pleased to help you.

The price depends on the type of visit you wish to make, depending on whether it is a private tour or in a group or if it includes entrance fees or transfers to the monuments, etc.

Cordoba’s cultural and historical heritage is so extensive that it requires several days in the city. It is therefore advisable to organise your time in the city.

The Mosque-Cathedral is undoubtedly our most visited and best-known monument, as its importance and beauty transcends all frontiers and serves as the main symbol for the city of Cordoba. Beyond the visual impact of its arches and columns, thi building summarises history and art, which is why it is advisable to visit it with a guide.

The city of the three cultures has a Mosque, a Cathedral and a Synagogue, all of them built within the Jewish Quarter. This old quarter of Cordoba is a delight in itself, with these and other important monuments and attractions.

The Synagogue of Cordoba is the second most visited monument in the city. This 14th century Mudejar temple reveals in its walls and its decoration the unique history of the city of Cordoba, as it was both a Hebrew oratory and also a Christian chapel.

In the vicinity you will find the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs, home to the rulers governing the city along the centuries. Inside the building you will see Roman, Islamic and Christian vestiges. Nowadays, its beautiful gardens are its main attraction and they are the perfect setting for different public events.

The courtyards of Cordoba couldn’t be more popular. By designating them a World Heritage Site, UNESCO recognised how the people of Cordoba turned their humble dwellings into truly beautiful places, transforming them into small inland paradises.

The city of Medina Azahara is a great attraction for visitors interested in history. Built as the capital of the new Caliphate of Córdoba, the “shining city” dazzled the world with its beauty and symbolised all the Umayyad power.

Cordoba itself is an open-air museum, as you will find many attractions in its streets, squares and neighbourhoods. In addition to the Jewish quarter, the Axerquia is also a walled enclosure with great attractions, where you can visit the Fernandine churches (ancient mosques converted into Christian temples), the Plaza de la Corredera, the Cristo de los Faroles, the Plaza del Potro, the temple of Claudio Marcelo…

A weekend in Cordoba is the perfect opportunity to get to know the city. The wide range of cultural options is combined with a lively and entertaining city that offers numerous leisure and entertainment options.

After visiting the Mosque, the surrounding area, the Jewish Quarter, is an essential place to start discovering the wide range of attractions that Cordoba has to offer. In this neighbourhood and its surroundings you will find numerous attractions such as the synagogue, the Zoco square, the street of flowers, Handkerchief Alley, the Roman bridge, the tower of the Calahorra.

The courtyards of Cordoba are an original way in which you can discover important aspects of our history and customs, for far from being small botanical gardens, they are a reflection of the different cultures that inhabited the city, and which we began to embellish with so many flowers in the 20th century.

The city of Medina Azahara is an essential visit to get to know the history of our city. 7 km from the city and facing south, the ancient Caliphate capital of white walls and golden roofs was visible from Cordoba as a bright spot. Cordoba thus presented itself to the world as the “light of the West”.

Let us introduce you to our tour guides in Cordoba

Our highly qualified and accredited tour guides are university-trained and are experts in the history, monuments and culture of the city.

Antonio José Ojeda
Antonio José Ojeda

Specialised guide in Medina Azahara

Elena Moreno Reyes
Elena Moreno

Heritage interpreter specialised in museums

Ana Millán
Ana Millán

Guide specialised in the province's heritage and the Mosque

Esperanza Rodríguez
Esperanza Rodríguez

Guide specialised in Cordoba's heritage

Mar Carmona
Mar Carmona

Guide specialised in Roman and Jewish Cordoba

Sara Eva
Sara Eva Iniesta

Guide specialised in Cordoba's heritage

Ricardo Bon Pineda
Ricardo Bon Pinilla

Specialist in Heritage of Córdoba.

Nacho Calero Clavero
Nacho Calero

Guide specialised in the Mosque of Cordoba

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Montxi J Gómez
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Nacho is an excellent professional and a better person.
We have enjoyed all his explanations about Medina Azahara and of course the experience has been very satisfactory. We highly recommend it as it makes a huge difference to Free Tour companies. When we return to Córdoba again, without a doubt we will resort to AMedina Córdoba
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If you are really interested in knowing the history of Córdoba, let yourself be guided by Nacho. It is not just an encyclopedia. He transmits knowledge in a very didactic and entertaining way.
Carmen Salamanca
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I have been this morning with some friends on a guided tour of Mar Carmona. I can't say anything else that has been impressive, from her motivation, her professionalism and the pedagogy with which she has kept our attention with data and anecdotes. Brilliant
Anaemi Escot
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It was a beautiful visit, guided with great professionalism and sympathy by Antonio, to whom I send my regards. We left very satisfied with his professionalism, knowledge and attitude to satisfy and attend to all our doubts and curiosities regarding the visit and the wonderful Cordoba. Thank you truly Amedina and especially you, Antonio.

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